Chania, a mosaic of cultures and natural landscapes

Chania, a mosaic of cultures and natural landscapes. From Akrotiri to the beautiful monasteries and wonderful natural surroundings, the Old Town and exotic Balos, from the magnificent beach of Sougia and the famous Samaria Gorge, Chania welcomes you with a raki and promises you unforgettable experiences.

Chania will steal your heart. Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Venetians, Ottomans… all came through here, creating a multicultural corner of Crete.

Discover, like another Odysseus, the secrets of Chania step by step

Discover, like another Odysseus, the secrets of Chania step by step. Hike to the lush vegetation Akrotiri with its magnificent, carefully preserved century-old preserved monasteries, swim to the famous beaches of Stavros where Zorbas and Antony Quinn danced, as well as Kalathas, Marathi, Loutraki and Seitan Limania.

In the south of Chania

In the south of Chania, the famous Samaria Gorge across the globe invites you on an adventure.

There in the south, on the beautiful beach of Sougia, where is almost always summer, dive into the magical blue waters of the Cretan Sea. Then, drink your iced beer, enjoy sweet and salty sins at the Lotos café in front of the sea and unlock your soul in the magic of the blue.

Experience authentic Cretan cuisine

Experience authentic Cretan cuisine. Here you will understand why Cretan cuisine has conquered the world. Enjoy local Cretan recipes, such as tsigariasto, bureki, kalitsounia, pilafi, dakos, as well as all sorts of delicious grilled meat...

At the Old Town of Chania

At the Old Town of Chania you’ll discover its secrets step by step. The alleys are full of surprises and every stroll is an experience. Stand next to the picture-perfect lighthouse at the port, a 16th-century Venetian construction. Walk among the impressive buildings and attractions: the Küçük Hasan mosque, the renovated Grand Arsenal, the Splanzia ruins, Tampakaria where few craftsmen still treat the skins as they used to one century about before.

Mingle with the locals and listen to their stories, forming an one-of-a-kind experience that you will keep close to your heart for many years to come…

One thing is for sure, Chania Crete will be amazed and waiting for you again, just like another Odysseus to continue the magical journey.