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I Cook with Danae

  • Learning new recipes and new skills so you can create your own Greek feast back home.
  • Eating what you make – the best part of any cooking class!

Danae is ready to help you to prepare delicious traditional Evagelia’s recipes. Ask for her help.

Ta Vanilenia

Today we will make a recipe that has a history of over a century. The recipe, which as you will see from the photos, Mrs. Evangelia learned from her mother Sofia Polychronidou (1895 - 1955), the genus HatziTraganou.

Dolmadakia gialantzi

You can find many recipes, maybe not as delicious as Mrs. Evangelias, but we want to give you something more. Before we give you the delicious recipe we will talk about culture, we will talk about the history that accompanies the dolmades.

Greek salad

Its main feature is the simplicity of our national salad. With classic traditional ingredients, fresh and hygienic, it is the central dish on the Greek lunch daily.


One of the best dishes the Cretans taught us! They told me in Chania that the dakos is the (former) food of the poor, at the time they ate the rest of the dry bread and were not tossed, as some others do today.

Arugula salad with smoked salmon, mango and avocado

LOTOS Luxury Apartments in Chania Crete, offer you a new recipe different from the classic Greek salad.
Today we will show you a very easy salad with arugula, smoked salmon and mango. Ms. Evangelias salad will not only satisfy your taste but also your eyesight.

Shrimps Saganaki

Recipe by Mrs. Evangelia, to easily make one of the most summery (and not only) dishes in its most delicious version! If you like seafood, you will love it.

Sfakian pie (Sfakiani pita)

One of the most authentic Cretan flavors is Sfakian pie (Sfakiani pita).
Sfakian pie is a special thin pancake, like a crepe, stuffed with local soft cheese. A pie that few can resist.


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