Ta Vanilenia

Ta Vanilenia

Today we will make a recipe that has a history of over a century. The recipe, which as you will see from the photos, Mrs. Evangelia learned from her mother Sofia Polychronidou (1895 - 1955), the genus HatziTraganou.

My great-grandfather was called Traganos, but in those old years, if someone has gone to Jerusalem they put the prefix Hatzis in his surname, so Hatzi-Traganos.

It is a simple, healthy and beautiful recipe that will excite you if you try it.
But I'm not telling you anything more, let's start it:

Evagelia's mother book with vanilenia recipe


Servings: 45 pieces
Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Quite expensive

Recipe ingredients:

    • Walnuts 650 grams
    • A glass of sugar
    • few powder of cinnamon
    • Flower water 60ml
    • Paper molds (small size)

For the icing

  • Vanilla 700gr


Grind the walnuts in the Multi taking care not to become powder.
Add the sugar to the nuts and stir.
Slowly add the flower water.

Shape the mixture into balls. If they are not molded, grind the walnuts in the Multi again little bit more.

Dissolve the vanilla in a ben-marie.

Carefully add the balls one by one to the ben-marie into the vanilla.
Remove from the ben-marie using a fork and a spoon.
Then put them on an oiled pan (or on greaseproof paper)

When they cool, we put them in their paper molds.
Enjoy them !!