Evagelia’s traditional recipes

Cretan Gastronomy

Try the Cretan culture here in Chania by cooking your own Chania recipes. Mrs. Evagelia has left us a treasure trove of amazing traditional recipes she has cooked for us since we were little children.

Take the pleasure in your hands and start cooking.

We are ready to help you with any questions you may have. Danae is a worthy successor to Ms. Evagelia, knows all about recipes. Get started and good appetite!

Evagelia’s traditional recipes

Lamb Tsigariasto

Servings: 4-5
Preparation: 10'
Time: 1 - 1½ hours
Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Tsigariasto lamb or goat is one of the most typical dishes of Sfakia and Western Crete. Of course, his reputation has spread to all of Chania mainly for his delicacies and because of his scarce materials we can find them everywhere.


Servings: 45
Preparation: 15 '
Time: 1 - 1.10΄ hours
Degree of Difficulty: Easy

The best Greek recipe for stuffed rice. There are no tastes like the homemade “gemista” of Kas Evangelia in the pan. When she made them in the kitchen there was a war. One grabbed the stuffed red tomatoes, another the peppers and another dipped in the sauce.

Get started this summer and make your own St. Evangelias “gemista”. The result will be a real delight to the palate with a miraculous taste.

Briam or Tourlou-Tourlou

Servings: 6
Preparation: 15 '
Time: 0.45΄
Degree of Difficulty: Easy

It is one of the finest summer foods that makes use of all the vegetables you have: peppers in all colors, carrots, onions fresh and dried, a few cloves of garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes, if you like, and beans , okra, even some broccoli or cauliflower bouquets. It will be perfect!

This is a classic recipe from Chania for traditional briam in the oven. The easiest and fastest summer food. I love briam with feta cheese and fresh bread.

Greek salad

Its main feature is the simplicity of our national salad. With classic traditional ingredients, fresh and hygienic, it is the central dish on the Greek lunch daily.

Its ally the olive oil that gives it a unique aroma and amazing taste and fresh summer vegetables, rich in colors that give an image, eye charms!

Whichever restaurant you go to in Chania do not forget to order it.

But why not make it by yourself?

Here's the recipe for authentic rustic salad.


One of the best dishes the Cretans taught us! They told me in Chania that the dakos is the (former) food of the poor, at the time they ate the rest of the dry bread and were not tossed, as some others do today.

What else did the house in Crete have? Cheese, tomatoes from the vegetable garden, oregano and olives for the more ... gourmet. Dish ready!


Gamopilafo, which means “rice of the wedding”, describes a traditional Chania dish traditionally offered in many regions of Crete as the primary dish of the wedding feast, consisting of meat and poultry accompanied by rice cooked in the meat broth.