Machairida Beach

Machairida Beach

The tiny beach of Machairida (or Macherida) is only ten minutes away from Lotos Luxury Apartments.

It is located 1 km west of the village Chorafakia, hidden in a rocky bay.
The bay is bordered to the north by a cape that is said to resemble a knife (Machairi or macheri in Greek), hence its name.

According to another version, the beach gets its name from the wild flower "Gladiolis italicus", which in Crete call “Machairida” because of its knife-like shape. Machairida flowers are abundant in the area so the name of this beautiful tiny beach is not surprising.


In the center of the bay is formed the small beach of Macharida with white sand. The waters are turquoise, deep and crystal clear.

The beach faces southwest and is almost always serene.
It is an unorganized beach and being isolated, attracts also nudists.

Next to the beach there is the lake of Machairida, with brackish water, an important wetland for migratory birds, turtles, water snakes, etc.


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