Agia lake

Agia lake

A wonderful location for a relaxing walk by the lake, in a lush landscape admiring rare bird species.
Images that relax the mind and will remain in the memory of every visitor.

Agia lake is located in the southwest of Chania.
The lake is artificial and is located next to the homonymous “Agia” village of Chania, it is small in area, only 450 acres, but hosts perhaps the largest variety of aquatic plants in Crete, as well as very important species of fauna, but also rare species of ferns and frogs.

Agia lake receives water from underground springs and Xekolomenos river.
Although the lake is not natural, it is an ideal wetland, which is now part of the Natura Network, as many endemic species of birds, plants and reptiles live and grow there.

Every year about 250 species of rare migratory birds have been noticed by ornithologists visiting the lake, which are mainly aquatic, while during the winter months several more species overwinter.

The area is ideal for a day trip all year round.

There is a car park as well as restaurants offering coffee or food to visitors.