Chania Botanical Park

Chania Botanical Park

The Botanical Park of Chania is one of the most impressive attractions in Crete for plant lovers, thanks to its wide variety of plants, herbs and animals.

It is located in the Cretan White Mountains (Omalos), 25km away from Lotos Luxury Apartments, and occupies an area of 20 hectares with plants that originate from three completely different climates: Mediterranean, Tropical, and Subtropical.

The Park somehow revived the area after a big fire that had broken out in 2004 and which destroyed every kind of plant. Now, the Botanical Park is full of Mediterranean trees, vineyards, and aromatic herbs that enchant the visitor.

Spring is the ideal season for visiting this Park because the majority of flowers and trees has blossomed and you can observe the differences of all species.
There are specially-designed trekking paths all over the Park and labels in each plant, herb, or tree with descriptions of the species along with useful information. While strolling around the cherry trees, the tropical or the citrus garden, you will encounter a beautiful artificial lake where various wild birds, ducks, butterflies, peacocks, and farm animals, such as donkeys or wild goats, live.

An excursion to the Park is highly educational and entertaining for both children and their parents as they learn much new information on the flora and fauna of the Cretan climate.

During the summer months, the best time to schedule your visit is early in the morning, avoiding the strong heat, and having the opportunity to complete your experience with an excellent meal in the park’s restaurant. It’s totally local, organic and seasonal philosophy will be unforgettable.