Komolithi at Potamida

Komolithi at Potamida

Komolithi is one of the strangest and at the same time beautiful geological phenomena that can be encountered in western Crete.

Some say it is the Arizona of Crete, others think they were suddenly in Cappadocia, others present them as the Meteora of Crete and others think they are in a lunar landscape.

The fantastic low hills are a unique view that you should not miss in Chania.
Especially if you like photography, do not miss it, you can go up to Komolithos small hills, play with the lens and take photos that no one else will have.

You can combine it by going to Elafonisi , as it is on your way.

Komolithi at Potamida.

However, the Komolithi at the green village of Potamida have their own special identity and history that is unlike any other.
Experts say that the Komoliths were formed millions of years ago on the seabed, which is why marine fossils have been found and studied on the surface. In fact, Dutch researchers have dated them 7.2 million years ago.

Over time, the rains and the wind sculpted the remnants of the sea at this point and created the impressive geological phenomenon we see today.

Komolithi at Potamida.

They are located just a few meters from the village houses on a very fertile plain of land and this is what makes it special because it stands out above the fields of the plain. Small and larger meteors are created completely naked from vegetation on the sides but with bushes on their tops, creating a strong contrast.

The material of Komolithos is clayey and so in the past the inhabitants of the area used it to seal the roofs of their houses but also to make cooking stoves.

Have a nice trip, take nice and special photos and come and discuss them with Nikos, who is photographer too, on your return at Lotos Luxury Apartments.