Kournas lake

Kournas lake

Kournas lake is the largest natural lake in Crete.
It is located 44 km east of the city of Chania and Lotos Apartments, very close to the village of Kournas.

The landscape is relaxing and beautiful, whether you want to walk in nature, or swim or bike on the lake.

The lake has a circular shape, with a maximum length of 1080m, a maximum width of 880m and a maximum depth of 22.5m.

In summer, a walk around the lake, with its turquoise waters, usually takes less than an hour (3.5 km). On one side of the lake there are cafes and taverns overlooking the lake. Next to the cafes, in summer, with the receding waters, small sandy beaches are formed, where guests can swim.

Kournas Lake with umbrellas and pedal boats

Also, several pedal boats are rented for a ride on the lake. The pedal boat ride is an ideal choice for the afternoon, as the colors of the water are wonderful and the calm of the lake is enchanting.