Leather Street – “Stivanadika”

Leather Street – “Stivanadika”

Stivanadika is a street reminiscent of an Eastern bazaar and well worth a visit.

Its name on the map is Skridlof but it has taken the name Stivanadika from the Cretan boots called "stivania" .
Stivania are high boots, stiff, of excellent durability, usually black and, rarely white.

Stivania boots in Chania

In Crete they are worn especially in rural areas together with the pants called "kilota" . The stivania are also worn with the traditional "pants" of the Cretan costume called "vraka" .

Vraka and Kilota

So "Skridlof" or "Stivanadika" or "Leather Street" is the street where the shoemakers in the early century made the traditional handmade "stivania".

In our time, however, the traditional shoe stores have been transformed into shops selling leather goods, jewelry and souvenirs.
The prices are not the lowest but you will still find good quality leather bags, belts, wallets, sandals etc.

Even if you are not thinking of buying something worth visiting for the color and the feel of the bazaar it presents.