The Municipal Garden and the Clocktower

The Municipal Garden and the Clocktower

Lotos Luxury Apartments recommend you a nice walk in the center of Chania, in the Municipal Garden (commonly known as "Kipos") and the Tower Clock (to Roloi).

The Municipal Garden is a beautiful place for a walk and leisure in the center of the city of Chania and is located between Andrea Papandreou and Tzanakaki Street.
It is a project of the philhellene Reouf Pasa, designed in 1870 according to European standards and planted with many evergreen plants and trees under the supervision and responsibility of Passa himself.

The Municipal Garden of Chania with many evergreen plants and trees

There is a historic cafe in the Municipal Garden. The first cafe was built in 1870 and was an elegant kiosk with pergolas and columns, which at the end had the shape of a harpand. The current cafe was build in 1936. It has been refurbished and is operating normally.

 The historic cafe “Kipos”

There is an outdoor cinema in the corner of the Municipal Garden. Every summer it shows quality films of the 7th art in this charming environment of the Garden.

The Chania Clock Tower (commonly known as "To Roloi") is located in the northeastern part of the Municipal Garden. Its construction began in 1924 and ended in 1927, was designed by the local engineer D. Kollaris and is one of the most remarkable buildings in the city of Chania.